If you have more questions, please contact loc-express@mail.cbi.pku.edu.cn.

  1. What is LocExpress?

    LocExpress is a web server for efficiently estimating expression of novel transcripts across multiple tissues and cell types in human and mouse. For a given gene model, LocExpress estimates its abundance only based on its minimum spanning bundle (MSB) region instead of reanalyzing the whole transcriptome. Such context-oriented strategy enables the nearly real-time expression profiling for a novel transcript in hundreds of samples within minutes, with the same accuracy of standard quantification algorithms. In our evaluation, the median time for a novel transcript per sample is 1.13s in human and 0.43s in mouse.

  2. How do I submit transcripts? What are the requirements?

    Currently, LocExpress allows the submission of transcripts in GTF format. You can either paste GTF contents in the textbox or submit a file at the home page . Because LocExpress is designed for expression estimation at local region, the maximum spanning region of the GTF file should less than 1 Mb and the total line number should be within 1000.

  3. Can I submit multiple transcripts in one time?

    Yes, LocExpress supports multiple transcripts in one submission if they meet criteria above.

  4. What samples does LocExpress use for each cell type?

    Please see details about sample information here.